Band A

This presentation has been created and provided by CRRU and covers environmental risk assessments.

It is designed to provide an overview and update around the requirements of the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) as required prior to all baiting applications.

Author: Iain Turner (crru uk best practice work group).

What is the CPD scheme?

In order to demonstrate due diligence and competencies PestWise provides a CPD range of courses and also an online recording system. 

The platform requires 20 credits per year - within PestWise PRO, this can be achieved by completing one Tier 1, two Tier 2 and three Tier 3 updates.  Alternatively if external COD events are completed, upload the verification certificate to your record.   

PestWisePRO reserves the right to check the accuracy of any returns made via an annual audit.

Tier 1

This presentation covers the ‘burrow baiting’ technique including justification and mitigation measures when adopting this approach.
Authors: Avril Turner (CRRU UK Best Practice Work Group), Dr Matthew Davies (CRRU UK Training and Certification Work Group) and Dr Alan Buckle (Chair of CRRU UK).
Completion should take around 30 minutes.